2022 Vision: World Water Day

22 March 2022

Today is World Water Day, the UN-led initiative to celebrate water and raise awareness of the global water crisis. This year’s theme is making the invisible, visible and we wanted to shine a light and make visible the role we have played over the last year in ensuring that sustainable water use sits at the heart of safe and effective healthcare in the UK. Since World Water Day 2021, worldwide leaders gathered for COP26 and the UK Government has continued to drive forward world-leading climate change targets. Despite this welcome progress, there is still much more to be done in driving sustainable water usage in the UK and around the world. Water is essential in delivering safe healthcare, and as one of the largest users of water in the UK, it is crucial that the NHS is supported by Rada to meet the UK’s ambitions for climate change and reduce the global water crisis.

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NHS Sustainability Day of Action 2022

08 June 2022

Today is the NHS Sustainability Day of Action, an opportunity to celebrate and encourage sustainability within the NHS. Despite progress, the health service continues to face calls for “urgent action” to make the NHS more sustainable and put it on course to reach its 2040 net zero target. The management of water, which is essential for delivering safe healthcare, will play a crucial role as the UK’s water resources are under increasing pressure. This Sustainability Day of Action provides an opportunity to consider how we can refresh the NHS’s approach to water management and implement innovative solutions to ensure the health service is fit for a sustainable future.

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