Innovative showering and tap technology

  • Healthcare
  • Student Accommodation
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Education
  • Secure
  • Washrooms

Since the 1930s, Rada has pioneered washroom controls for commercial buildings in the UK.

As part of the Kohler Co. Group, we continue to set new standards in water delivery using the latest digital technology, focusing on safety and sustainability.

With high-quality design and innovations including non-touch controls, automatic duty flushing, thermal disinfection, and product usage data logging, Rada products are known, valued and trusted to support organisations across the globe in keeping end users safe, prevent waterborne infections and conserve resources.

At Rada, we pride ourselves on producing products that challenge the orthodoxy.

Our story is one of change, innovation and development.

This isn’t design for design’s sake, it’s because of where and how our products are used.

We know the importance of hand hygiene in hospital settings, the risks of scalding in schools and care homes, and the need to save water and energy in large scale commercial premises.

These considerations, and more besides, are the reasons that we do what we do.

Every curve, control, spout and valve has been crafted using our many years of experience by a team that is committed to producing functional, future proof technology that keeps end users and their safety in mind.