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A Vital Resource

Water is at the heart of infection control and cleanliness in every healthcare space. And as one of our most precious resources, responsible use of water is central to meeting sustainability ambitions. 

We can help you meet these twin demands. 


Infection Control
Infection Control

Achieve new standards for infection control and patient safety with products specifically designed to minimise bacterial growth, prevent cross-contamination, and optimise hygiene regimes.

Greener estates

Reduce water and energy consumption to achieve sustainability goals and reduce costs with pre-programmable settings, flow-regulating functionality, and digital precision.

Smarter estates
Smarter estates

Save staff resources and reduce demands on time with digital record keeping, usage data collection and automated hygiene measures.

Intelligent Care

Intelligent Care For Greener, Safer Water Delivery

Intelligent Care is our latest generation of digital tap for healthcare. It sets a new standard for how a tap can contribute to better healthcare, improving infection control, reducing water consumption, and saving staff time.

Our Healthcare Projects

Our products are known, valued and trusted by hospitals across the world to support them in keeping staff and patients safe.

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