It’s good to talk when it comes to new ideas

It’s good to talk when it comes to new ideas

By Commercial Business Director, Eoin McQuone

At Rada we’re reimagining water controls.  For us that means not being satisfied with the status quo. It means using our knowledge and experience to challenge ourselves, to design new products and services that are even better for the people that use them.

We’re confident in what we know – we’ve been doing it for 90 years after all – but we’re also smart enough to realise that the best way to solve problems is to work together.  Whether that’s with researchers, customers, specifiers or end users, when it comes reimagining, it’s definitely good to talk and even better to listen.

That’s why we’re always looking at ways to be involved in the latest thinking, research and debate.  We know it will help us move forward and continue to improve the water controls we make.

Last month we took our place with a host of expert minds at CIB W062 2017 in the Netherlands – a symposium bringing together professionals and academics from the water controls, drainage and sustainable water community from all over the world.

Participants talked about the progress they’re making in the key areas of hygiene, water savings and re-use, and the practical aspects of building water and drainage systems.

The symposium was a brilliant opportunity to share knowledge, promote new-thinking and address the challenges of the future. Being part of that, talking with other industry leaders and sharing ideas is something we are passionate about. 

I think all the conversations I had over the two days gave me food for thought and inspired me to think differently. However, one thing that struck me in particular was that they all shared a common theme.

When you stripped away the data, the research and science from the many interesting presentations, each and every participant shared the same goal – improving lives through better water management.

In my view, improving lives is the aim that unites all water control professionals.  It is the drive to create healthier environments that deliver new standards in infection control, bio-film reduction, product design, temperature control and many other areas.

It is a passion we share at Rada.  To return to that word reimagine, our knowledge and experience of designing water controls would mean little if it was not matched with the drive to create better, healthier places for people.

The symposium was a reminder to me of how much knowledge and passion there is in our sector.  It also underlined why it’s so important to keep talking and working together.

I hope to see you at next year’s symposium.  If you’re there, let’s talk.