Intelligent Care: reimagining water controls for healthcare

Intelligent Care: reimagining water controls for healthcare

By Katy Rogers, Commercial Business Director

We never stop pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It allows us to create even better products and services that help our customers keep users safe and deliver great facilities.   

In healthcare environments it’s vital for water controls to help guard against waterborne infections, eliminate the risk of scalding and help staff comply with guidelines and standards.

We know hospitals and care facilities are often large, complex and busy places, so meeting these demands is challenging. But a challenge we knew we could overcome.

So, we reconsidered what a tap could be and how it can help healthcare professionals deliver the very best care for patients.

To create something truly pioneering, we knew we needed to take a step back. We started from the beginning and reimagined every join, surface, and component from scratch. The result is Intelligent Care, our next generation of taps unique to the market. It’s ready for the modern connected world and designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

Using the latest technology, we’ve created something intuitive that connects to the world in more ways than one. Vivid digital controls combined with a sleek curved design make Intelligent Care easy and intuitive for anyone to use and clean. The controls respond to touch-free gestures, helping to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Digital connectivity runs through the core of Intelligent Care’s DNA. Internet of Things-devised technology is a cornerstone of advancement that Intelligent Care brings to washrooms.

It’s possible to program water temperatures, flow times and smart duty flushing parameters from a remote location. Each tap records and logs duty flushing activity to its memory, allowing retrieval either via the Rada app or through a connected network, making it easier to prove compliance with industry guidelines and standards.

This connectivity also unlocks levels of control not previously available. All this helps reduce the demand on staff time and ensures infection control regimes are always adhered to.

This new technology is backed up with smart engineering too. We’ve developed a new intelligent thermostatic valve which is housed in the tap itself. By being bold enough to reimagine such a complex yet vital part, we’ve reduced the opportunity for water to stagnate and for bacteria to grow. The valve is smaller, less internally complex and made from materials with improved microbial resistance.

The Intelligent Care range is truly pioneering and we’re exceptionally proud of what we’ve created. Contact us to find out more about the range.

Discover more about how we created Intelligent Care, the technology we’ve harnessed and the range of products available by reading our Intelligent Care brochures.