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Rada Healthcare

Water is crucial for delivering safe and effective patient care, however the frequency of water-borne diseases is rising annually. Rada’s water delivery systems are at the frontline of infection prevention and reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, which cost the NHS £2.1 billion per year.

Rada - Sport and Wellbeing

Whether you own a gym, sports facility or spa, Rada can meet your washroom needs. The result? Hygienic and high performing facilities. Peace of mind for you that people are safe.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation providers must be confident that bathroom taps, showers and water controls are always delivering a great experience for students, while meeting critical safety requirements and operating efficiently.

Rada Leisure

Campsite and park operators must be confident that taps, showers and water controls are always delivering a great experience for visitors, while meeting critical safety requirements all year round.

Intelligent Care: Smart by Design

We set ourselves a challenge: to reimagine what a tap could be, and the role it plays in supporting healthcare professionals to minimise HCAIs and deliver positive patient outcomes.

Rada Student Accommodation Range Highlights

Leading water controls for student living

Rada Product selector (UK)

Your Guide to the UK's Widest Range Of Showering washroom controls, fittings and systems designed for commercial applications. Water control technology for healthcare, education, sport, leisure, industrial and commercial specifications. Covering Rada Kohler and Mira brands

Intelligent Care: For a Modern, Connected World

Intelligent Care is more than just a tap. It’s a pioneering piece of technology that embraces all the advantages of a modern, connected world.

The Different Forms of Intelligent Care (Healthcare)

Whether it’s a ward, surgical scrub room or visitor washroom, there’s an Intelligent Care tap that’s ideal for the space.

Intelligent Care: Answering Your Water Safety Needs (Commercial)

Intelligent Care is our latest generation of digital taps, created to help you achieve the highest standards of infection control and safety

RADA S.PA1 Shower Panel

With its highly distinctive one-piece profile and slim line profile, Rada S.PA 1 is the most recent in a long line of ground breaking industry firsts. By taking proven tri-laminate construction technology and adapting it to create a complete shower panel, we have set another new standard for strength and durability.

Rada Outlook - Ultimate Washroom Control Technology

The need to comply with the latest regulations is always critical - whether you are installing a new washroom or refurbishing existing facilities. That means establishing and demonstrating effective control of waterborne bacteria minimising running costs have never been more important. Rada Outlook is the digital thermostatic valve that brings both objectives within your grasp, along with advanced control and data collection.

Integrated Service and Product Plan

Contact us today to create a tailored service plan bespoke to your needs that offers peace of mind with a vast array of supporting services. Buy the service, everything else (including the product) is covered.

Rada TMV Health Check Service

Rada’s TMV Health Check Service is our cost-effective plan that will get your TMVs back to full health. Call today to find out more 0344 571 1777

Rada Specialist Service Packages

Whether you are in the education, healthcare, sports & leisure, hospitality or care sector, our service team can keep your showering and washroom facilities safe for your users and performing to a high standard.

Rada Electronic Washroom Range

Commercial washrooms need to achieve a great deal, they must be modern and stylish and meet sustainability targets all the while in the confines of ever tightening budgets. That’s why we’ve developed the Electronic Washroom range. The stylish range of taps and urinal flushing controls has been carefully designed to provide functionality you can rely on while saving valuable resources.

Infection Control Through Water Controls

Any premises where people interact with water should have an effective infection control regime. It is a crucial part of managing, operating and maintaining a healthy water system.

Water Controls in a Connected World

Modern taps and showers now play an active and intelligent role in preventing waterborne infection, helping to deliver safe water at the point of use and conserving natural resources.


We recognise that no two facilities are the same. We offer a range of services and can build a package that best meets your needs and budgets.

Rada Shower Fittings

Any moist or aqueous environment within a facility has the potential to serve as an incubator for waterborne microorganisms, which can result in acute contamination, infection and subsequent cross-infection. Rada's new range of shower fittings has been designed to create a more hygienic and healthier shower system which is compliant with global health guidelines and WRAS approved.

Rada UK Product Selector

Your Guide to the UK's Widest Range Of Showering washroom controls, fittings and systems designed for commercial applications. Water control technology for healthcare, education, sport, leisure, industrial and commercial specifications.

Rada UK Guarantee

Your product has the benefit of our manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee which commences from the date of purchase. In the case where the product commissioning has been conducted by the UK Rada Service Team the product guarantee period will be 5 years commencing from the date of commissioning.

Rada Safetherm

Every year it’s estimated more than 4 million people acquire healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) in the EU, and more than 37,000 people die as a direct result. As many as 30% of these deaths are considered to be preventable with more effective hygiene and control programmes. An important part of any programme is choosing the right clinical tap.

Rada Acu

Whether you are involved in specifying, designing, infection control or maintenance there are a plethora of healthcare legislation and guidelines that relate to the control and supply of water within healthcare establishments. One way to play your part in that fight and still meet current requirements for hand washing is to specify the latest intelligent digital mixing valve - Rada Acu.

Rada Sense Dual Shower

The Sense Dual Shower T3 is a non-touch shower control and valve that has been designed with the needs of the less able, infirm or elderly in mind. It combines the flexibility of a fixed and a variable showerhead pairing with Rada’s unique T-logic™ digital intelligent TMV technology. The result represents an integrated solution which provides the ultimate in safety, hygiene and absolute thermostatic control.

Rada Sense Dual Shower - Leisure

This is Rada Sense, a revolution in washroom control. At first sight it looks stunning with its sleek no-touch control panel and clear illuminated display. But the really clever thing is the bit you can’t see. Hidden away is the world’s first digital mixing valve specially designed for commercial use.

Rada Timed Flow Controls

Rada Timed Flow controls are the ideal solution for the most demanding of environments with every product in the range designed to provide outstanding performance. All our Timed Flow products are WRAS approved and contain materials that are effective in limiting bacterial growth.

Rada V10

The new V10 is our latest evolution in commercial sequential shower controls. It shares the same heritage as the proven Meynell V6 with robust build quality, proven over years of continuous use in schools, university halls of residence, leisure centres and hotels. Small in scale V10 minimises environmental impact but delivers maximum performance and reliability with contemporary styling.

Rada V12

The Rada V12 has been designed around the principals of inclusive design to meet the needs of the widest possible audience, irrespective of age or physical ability. With its light touch control, intuitive lever movement combined with clear graphics and optional diverter, it can be safely specified for washrooms in any building for public or private use.

Rada Corporate Brochure

We are a team of talented and committed individuals, who combine our skills to design and produce showering and washroom controls for the most demanding commercial settings.

Rada Healthcare Shower Fittings

To reduce the risk from HCAI’s, hospital water systems must be managed in line with healthcare guidelines. This extends to every aspect of the system including showers and fittings. Rada’s new healthcare range of shower fittings has been designed with these guidelines in mind. The result is a more hygienic and healthier shower system for the modern healthcare environment.

Sustainable student showers kits for great student living