Water system checks vital for safe return, says Rada

Matt Perry

Water system checks vital for safe return, says Rada

Businesses re-opening after the Covid-19 closure must undertake infection control practices and check water systems, says washroom controls specialist Rada.

The Covid-19 lockdown has seen many businesses close their doors to people, and their water systems become dormant for several weeks. This can provide the perfect environment for harmful pathogens such as Legionella to grow, potentially putting people at risk of serious illness.

In many cases taps and showers may have not been used for several weeks as well. It is important that any form of thermostatic equipment used to deliver safe water temperatures is also checked to ensure it is in full health and working safely.  

Matt Whiting, service manager at Rada, comments:

“It’s vital that people returning to work have easy access to safe and hygienic washrooms. Businesses can take steps to put infection control measures in place now, and to ensure that their taps and showers are functioning safely and at their optimum.

"Handwashing remains one of the simplest but most effective tasks in helping to control the spread of Covid-19. We want to help businesses create environments that encourage this and help them keep people safe. Providing water at a comfortable, safe temperature will help encourage the handwashing that’s so important to maintaining a Covid-secure environment.

"All thermostatic valves, taps and showers are designed to deliver water to users to a safe and comfortable temperature therefore removing the risk of scalding. As should be the case with any equipment that performs a safety function, products should be regularly tested and serviced if required. This is especially important after a long period of down-time.

"We know that water systems and unused outlets must be flushed regularly to help manage Legionella and flushing water at a high temperature – called thermal disinfection – will further support in effectively helping remove bacteria. Flushing can be done manually by turning on a tap and running it for the correct amount of time, or a digitally controlled tap or shower can be programmed to flush automatically at a pre-set temperature and time period whilst also offering easy thermal disinfection activation and operation."

Rada is a leading manufacturer of specialist taps and showers that have been designed to meet the demands of infection control and user safety offering precise temperature control, non-touch functionality and easy-to-clean designs. Its range includes digitally controlled taps that unlock new levels of control over infection control regimes and data logging.

Rada understands the challenges and demands businesses face, we are always happy to provide advice and support through both our customer and field service teams to them as they re-open and maintain Covid-secure buildings.