Calling all campsite operators: now is the ideal time for a washroom health check

Calling all campsite operators: now is the ideal time for a washroom health check

By Matt Whiting, Service Manager

Are your taps and showers still in good working order?

It’s time to consider if your taps and showers are robust enough to support demand and keep your guests happy. If you’re in any doubt about whether your guests will enjoy the experience that your washrooms offer, it could be time for a product upgrade. revealed in a 2017 survey that nearly two thirds (64%) of visitors named washrooms as the single most important campsite facility.  Simply scrolling through the swathes of campsite reviews online confirms just how much a washroom will make or break a visitor’s experience.  As a campsite operator, providing robust and clean washroom facilities is vital in keeping your guests happy, safe and healthy.

Now that the peak season has passed, it’s the ideal time to think about maintenance so your washrooms are ready for 2019’s holiday season.  Here are a few pointers:

  • Caring for products is caring for people. We know washrooms aren’t the only campsite facility you’ve got to keep in shape, and we want to give you one less thing to worry about this winter. Even if you think your washrooms are in top condition, an annual service of your TMV's and showers can help make sure they stay that way. Investing in a tailored Rada service package could help make sure your washrooms leave guests safe, happy, and wanting to visit your site again and again.


  • The quieter winter season makes for water systems that aren’t in regular use. Sitting water can be a breeding ground for bacteria.   Making sure you enforce a consistent duty flushing regime is vital in reducing the formation risk of waterborne pathogens like legionella.  Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises that systems which aren’t in frequent use should be flushed at least weekly to mitigate this risk.


  • Correctly functioning temperature controls keep your guests safe and happy. They ensure maximum comfort and minimise scalding risk.  If you use thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) and showers in your washrooms, they need to be checked at least once a year to ensure they’re working properly.  It isn’t always obvious when a shower or TMV isn’t working as it should be.  Our TMV health check service can help with this.


Our Duty flushing calculator also provides some good advice on how to achieve duty flushing while saving water and resources.


If you don’t have TMVs but want to find out more about their use in hot water systems, our handy guide covers what you need to know.


Our specification teams can advise on which products would make for five-star reviews from your guests.


Want to know more?  Read about our experience of working with Glanllyn Lakeside Caravan and Camping Park in our case study,

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