Meeting the demands of modern universities in partnership with Plumb Center

Meeting the demands of modern universities in partnership with Plumb Center

When you think of a university what first comes to mind? Maybe its students and professors, one of the many societies on campus or perhaps it provokes memories of your own time studying.

Whatever it is, chances are you’re not thinking about the university’s buildings.  Yet, it is the libraries, bars, refectories, sports halls and residences that are often a big part of a university’s identity.  More than that, the campus and its facilities are central to university life and not just for students and staff, but also for their many public users.  More than ever, making sure the premises are attractive and high quality is a big part of a university’s offer and to its financial and academic success.

For us at Rada, that offer focuses on washrooms and making sure ours taps, showers and other products are meeting the growing pressures universities are facing.

We’ve worked in the education sector for many years and know these challenges well.  From providing a safe and appealing environment to ensuring facilities are able to withstand the rigorous demands placed on them and doing so against ever tightening budgets.  That’s a lot to think about!

All Rada products are designed to meet the demands of busy university washrooms.  We use high quality materials to ensure they are robust, while being attractive and offering users comfort and safety.

A central feature of all our products is our thermostatic mixing valve (TMV). The TMVs guarantee water pressure between hot and cold water supplies is maintained even if there are pressure or temperature fluctuations.  This is central in ensuring the high temperatures required for infection control can be achieved and maintained accurately – combating Legionella and other water borne pathogens – while still guaranteeing safe water temperature at point of use. 

The precise temperature control also supports energy and water efficiency, achieving cost savings and helping to meet sustainability policies now central to many universities’ operations.

The quality and suitability of the product is of course only half the challenge for busy facilities managers.  Getting that product at the right price and at the right time is just as important when it comes to delivering high quality washrooms.

That’s exactly why we’re partnering with Plumb Center, one of the UK's leading suppliers of plumbing and heating products, to bring universities across the UK easy access to our a complete range of washroom controls. 

Like us, Plumb Center has worked with universities for many years and understands the demands they face. Through its UK network of branches, Plumb Center’s team can advise facilities managers on the most suitable Rada products to meet their specific needs.  They then ensure they are ordered and delivered quickly.   This supports installation and maintenance programmes so that planned timescales are achieved.  And in the event of unplanned maintenance or replacement, the same expertise and network can make sure product is specified and dispatched at speed, reducing down time to achieve efficiencies.

So while we can’t ensure students get to lectures on time, working with Plumb Center, we can guarantee our washroom controls are at the forefront of modern university premises.