Why we're taking innovation in healthcare to education

Why we're taking innovation in healthcare to education

By Commercial Business Director, Eoin McQuone

We’re seeing an interesting trend in water controls.  Healthcare is setting the bar for infection control, and in doing so is helping push development forward.  As a result, others are benefiting too.

This is not an unusual trend – we’ve seen it elsewhere; after all the space program contributed to the Teflon coated non-stick frying pan.

Take sport. Millions of pounds are spent at the highest levels so top teams have access to the latest technology and designs, all to try and one-up their opposition. New ways of doing things are discovered, and new technology is tested and honed. Formula 1 teams have pioneered the use of lighter materials and battery technology in their cars, so they can go faster. Now, road car manufacturers are using this same technology, but differently. They’re using it to make their vehicles safer and more efficient – hybrid cars are a good example.

In water controls, healthcare is driving innovation in the pursuit of higher infection control standards. In the UK, the Department of Health (DoH) is on a mission to keep its patients and staff safe in part by preventing avoidable healthcare associated infections. To do this, the DoH has issued guidelines on what health and care facilities should be doing, and what types of taps and showers should be installed.

The result is that healthcare is helping us all reimagine water controls; it’s putting our latest ideas and designs into practice. Be it using the latest materials and valves, or digital products that automate important hygiene disciplines and control measures.

And as with sport, those outside of healthcare benefit because of this work. Specifiers and facility managers can use the products we’ve developed to improve the water control systems and the infection control regimes they design and manage.

I’m really excited to see interest from other sectors in the products we’ve developed for hospitals. Particularly in facilities where there are large numbers of people, such as schools and universities. 

It’s a positive step forward in creating healthier environments in our public places. At Rada, we’re proud to be part of bringing healthcare standards in water management to education. 

Looking forward, I’m optimistic the innovations made in healthcare will continue to translate to other facilities. The result will be a higher standard of infection control in our buildings. If you’re interested in what we’re doing in healthcare and want to be a part of this, get in touch.