Rada Supports Apprenticeships

Rada Supports Apprenticeships

Rada’s parent company, Kohler Mira has a long history of successful apprenticeship programmes and investing in the development of young talent is a huge part of the companies culture. Over the past few years Rada has started to take on more and more apprentices from both Engineering and Business Management.

Apprenticeships are on the rise across the UK with more and more young people choosing the apprenticeship route after finishing their GCSEs or A levels. The apprenticeship scheme is forecast to contribute £3.4 billion a year to the UK economy through productivity gains by 2022.
(according to CEBR)

Rada has supported several apprentices with their early career development over the past few years.

Alex was an Engineering Apprentice and he now works in Kohler Mira’s NPD department. He joined the Rada team for his first placement after spending a year learning about engineering in the classroom.

‘During my time with Rada I was tasked with coming up with a solution to carry around sample cases which could be used by the team to carry, display and demonstrate products. I collaborated with members of the marketing department and a case supplier to build up a scope and specification for the project. I used design tools like CAD to design the cases.’

Not only has Rada supported Engineering Apprentices but it has also has had a steady flow of Business Management Apprentices coming into the business to do apprenticeship placements. Jasper joined the Rada Marketing team in September 2020 for his first rotation with the business.

‘I joined Rada for a 9 month placement in Autumn 2020. It was my first experience of the workplace and I found the team to be very welcoming and supportive. I worked on a number of projects during my time with department from exhibition planning all the way to helping launch products to market.'


It is ingrained into the culture of Kohler Mira for apprentices to join the business at 16 and remain with the company for much of their careers. Rada’s very own Marketing Manager – Commercial, Stuart Skinner joined the company in 1991 as an engineering apprentice.

‘Since joining the business 30 years ago as an Apprentice, I have held many different roles across Sales and Marketing, working for Mira, Rada, and Kohler brands. The support and the development opportunities I have had from my Apprenticeship and throughout career have laid solid foundations and helped drive my career. My current role as Marketing Manager - Commercial, is no exception and I continue to learn and develop. This approach and these career opportunities are part of the culture at Kohler Mira, and they are a huge attraction for anyone thinking of joining the business and for retaining top talent.’

Rada hopes to continue supporting Kohler Mira’s early careers apprenticeship programme long into the future. Find more information on Kohler Mira's apprenticeships scheme here.