Caring for your products is caring for your users

Caring for your products is caring for your users

Keeping on top of TMV servicing can be really hard work; that’s what our clients tell us

By Commercial Business Director, Eoin McQuone

It’s a costly and time-consuming exercise, which nobody wants to do.  That said, it’s also necessary to not only protect the end user but to prolong the life cycle of your products.  

As you’ll know, one of the biggest risks of not servicing your thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) is scalding.  Lack of proper maintenance can also accelerate the growth of dangerous water borne bacteria, which can prove deadly for the elderly, the very young and people with compromised health.  Scary, right?

I’m sure that your facility already regularly partakes in a preventative maintenance regime, so I won’t go into details here.  However, if you feel like you could do with a refresher on what thorough maintenance entails, then please follow this link through to our resource centre.

Whilst many operations carry out servicing and maintenance using their own in-house engineers, others have chosen to outsource this workload to third-party water management companies.

If this is something that you still manage in-house at your facility, then it does beg the question: what could your engineers be doing with their time, if they weren’t caught up servicing TMVs?

Were you aware that you can now relinquish some of that workload onto us here, at Rada?

We do appreciate that outsourcing valve servicing is not a new concept.  But, there are extra advantages to using an industry leading manufacturer to do the job.  We are, after all, the experts in thermostatic controls; who better to place in charge of caring for your products?

In fact, preventative TMV maintenance is just one of the many services offered by our national team of fully qualified service technicians.  We can offer you tailor made service packages including:

  • A reliable national break-down response service
  • In-service testing
  • New product commissioning
  • Onsite, hands-on product maintenance training
  • Technical assistance as and when you require it, through our Cheltenham based call centre
  • Reduced cost spares (as part of a package)


Essentially, we can nurture your valves right the way through their life cycle, giving you peace of mind from the get-go.

We’re not even fussy!  We don’t mind what brand of product you have chosen to brandish your bathrooms with; our friendly engineers will treat every single shower, tap and mixing valve like it were one of our very own.

What’s better, our offering is entirely flexible.  You can pick and choose from a variety of services, so that what you end up with is a bespoke package that’s just perfect for your facility and most importantly – your budget.  

Our site surveys are free of charge and carry no obligation to sign up afterwards. Why not have a chat with one of our representatives today, to discuss how we can you save both time and money, without compromising on quality and safety?

Let’s be honest, if valve servicing truly wasn’t of any concern for your facility then you probably wouldn’t have read down this far in the article…

So, what have you got to lose?