Ready for the toughest sports and leisure challenges

Sports and Leisure

A shower room in a gym does a punishing marathon every day, and people are not gentle with them. So to satisfy this sector, Rada products have to be durable above all. But they also need to be stylish, meet all the relevant regulations and guidelines, and be ultra-economical with water and energy.

Fit for life

Gyms and spas are places that rely on stylish design to attract custom and stand out from the competition. Unless shower and washroom fittings look at least as fit as the gym instructors, they're out of the race before it starts.

Fit for purpose

Rada is uniquely able to offer a complete range of products for the differing requirements of the demanding sports and leisure industry, our range stretches from the latest luxury digital showering technology to robust and durable timed flow controls and individual shower controls. Not forgetting showers suitable for less able users as detailed in Document M, Diagram 23, of the Building Regulations.

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