Rada S.PA 1 Shower Panel (Silver)

Rada S.PA 1 Shower Panel (Silver)
PRODUCT CODE: 1.1776.001
  • Education
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Washrooms


  • Pre-plumbed shower panel with electronic timed flow control for connection to a pre-blended supply
  • Water & energy savings - Shower will automatically stop after pre-programmed time - prevents users leaving running
  • BREEAM compliant flow rates. WRAS Approved
  • Aids Legionella Control Compliance - Automatic Duty Flush can be selected to ensure water is not left standing in supply pipes
  • Panel can be programmed to suit site preferences - Select from a choice of shower run times, duty flush intervals & duty flush run times
  • Robust construction - tri-laminate acrylic capped resin stone casing, resistant to water staining
  • Panel powered by Hybrid Energy System - eliminating need for regular battery replacement (mains power not required), offering up to 10 years life


Ready to install slimline shower panel manufactured from a stain resistant acrylic resin stone with a silver finish, single pipe entry for connection to a pre-blended supply, offering programmable shower times, automatic duty flushing and duty flush run times.