A home from home environment for students

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation providers must be confident that bathroom taps, showers and water controls are always delivering a great experience for students, while meeting critical safety requirements and operating efficiently.

A welcoming place to live is vital to student wellbeing and academic success. Safe and comfortable washrooms are key to achieving exactly that.

Control, durability and safety

With cost control and sustainability to the fore, limiting water usage is always a priority. Students are unlikely to worry about how much water they're using for example, so fittings in their accommodation must limit flow or shut off automatically.

Constant use makes outstanding durability essential too. And safety is even more crucial, so TMV2 accredited shower and bath fill products are the minimum standard, with TVM3 providing the added safeguards required in care homes and sheltered housing.


Student numbers to UK universities look set to increase dramatically over the next 10 years. Public and private sector providers of student accommodation will need to increase the volume and quality of their estates to support this growth.

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