Our videos give you the chance to meet Rada experts, they'll introduce you to our innovative products and share their specialist knowledge.

Rada Controls | Webinar: Ensuring safe water supplies following Covid 19 lockdown

The closure of businesses during lockdown has increased the risk of bacterial growth such as Legionella in dormant water systems. Watch our Webinar to hear Rada’s Roel Doldersum, Product Manager at Rada Benelux (NL), offer expert advice on the health risks associated with dormant water systems and the roles and responsibilities of building owners, facilities managers, and estates teams. We will also explore what can be learnt from this period of lockdown and how to future proof water systems. To find out more, contact us today: Hosted 16 June 2020

Rada Controls | Intelligent Care

Intelligent Care sets a new standard for how a tap helps keep patients safe from healthcare-associated infections. It fuses smart design, clever engineering and the latest technology to deliver a product that will help transform care and better support staff:

Intelligent Care | Smart Design

Intelligent Care is smart design. Whether a ward, surgical scrub room or visitor washroom, there’s an Intelligent Care tap that’s ideal for the space. To find out more about our next generation of taps and how they help keep patients safe, get in touch:

Intelligent Care | Clever engineering

Intelligent Care helps fight bacteria from inside the tap and at the point of use. Find out more about how we've engineered new possibilities for what a tap can do to keep patients safe:

Rada Controls | Service

People want to use taps and showers that always keep them safe and work properly. See how the associates in our service team help to keep facilities running and users happy.

Rada Outlook digital mixer installation

Watch our step by step video to see how to correctly and easily install a Rada Outlook digital mixing valve.

Rada Controls | It's time to get smart with duty flushing

Duty flushing is a vital part of keeping #taps and #showers free from waterborne bacteria. Smart water systems can manage flushing regimes according to usage, and make record-keeping for compliance purposes easier. Find out more:

Rada Controls | Fit for purpose

People want sports and leisure facilities that are modern and fit for purpose. Find out how Rada can help you deliver robust, stylish and efficient washrooms that keep customers returning.

Rada Controls | The difference between hot and scalding water

Thermostatic mixing valves keep washroom users safe by helping to prevent scalding. Rada can help make sure your TMVs are working at their best. Find out more:

Rada Controls | University of Worcester

The University of Worcester needed taps and showers that would keep its students safe and stand up to the busy university environment. Hear it's team talk about why they chose Rada.

Rada Controls | Expert products in expert hands

Get peace of mind that your washrooms are always performing at their best. Put expert products in expert hands with a bespoke Rada service plan:

Experts in Commercial Showering and Washroom controls for over 80 years

Welcome to Rada, the industry experts in commercial showering and washroom control. We like to think that it's our approach that makes us different. It's an approach that combines the latest thinking with leading edge technology, blends design with performance and satisfies both legislative and best practice guidelines. From single products to whole systems Rada can deliver the right solution from concept to completion and beyond.

Rada Controls | Campsites

Now the busy season has passed, why not check that your campsite's washrooms are continuing to offer the best experience for your visitors? Contact us on 0344 571 1777 and find out how we can help.

Rada Controls | Campsite Management

There's only one thing better than a fire when you're camping, and that's a warm shower. We can help you keep yours working efficiently. Call us to find out more: 0344 571 1777

Rada Controls | Infection Control

People must be kept safe from waterborne diseases. Our modern, intelligent water controls play an active role in infection control.

Rada Controls | Technology

Digital technology has transformed our lives, saving us time and money. We're harnessing it to reimagine water controls.

Rada Controls | Bringing Higher Standards to Education

Universities are tough places for taps and showers. They have to keep students safe, and be robust and efficient.

RADA Outlook | Ultimate washroom control technology

For more details on RADA outlook please visit

Kohler Clarity Safe Water (UK)

Intelligent Care | For a modern, connected world

Digital connectivity is at the core of Intelligent Care. Through a dedicated app you can precisely control temperatures and duty flushing. All to help protect users from scalding and healthcare-associated infections, save valuable resources and guarantee compliance with guidelines. And it does so much more: