Our videos give you the chance to meet Rada experts, they'll introduce you to our innovative products and share their specialist knowledge.

Rada Controls | University of Worcester

The University of Worcester needed taps and showers that would keep its students safe and stand up to the busy university environment. Hear it's team talk about why they chose Rada.

Rada Controls | Service

People want to use taps and showers that always keep them safe and work properly. See how the associates in our service team help to keep facilities running and users happy.

Experts in Commercial Showering and Washroom controls for over 80 years

Welcome to Rada, the industry experts in commercial showering and washroom control. We like to think that it's our approach that makes us different. It's an approach that combines the latest thinking with leading edge technology, blends design with performance and satisfies both legislative and best practice guidelines. From single products to whole systems Rada can deliver the right solution from concept to completion and beyond.

Rada Controls | Campsites

Now the busy season has passed, why not check that your campsite's washrooms are continuing to offer the best experience for your visitors? Contact us on 0344 571 1777 and find out how we can help.

Rada Controls | Emergency Showering

Don't risk losing sight in the event of chemical contact. Where chemicals are used, emergency eye-washes can be invaluable. That's why Rada has teamed up with B-Safety.

Rada Controls | Campsite Management

There's only one thing better than a fire when you're camping, and that's a warm shower. We can help you keep yours working efficiently. Call us to find out more: 0344 571 1777

Rada Controls | Infection Control

People must be kept safe from waterborne diseases. Our modern, intelligent water controls play an active role in infection control.

Rada Controls | Technology

Digital technology has transformed our lives, saving us time and money. We're harnessing it to reimagine water controls.

Rada Controls | Bringing Higher Standards to Education

Universities are tough places for taps and showers. They have to keep students safe, and be robust and efficient.

RADA Outlook | Ultimate washroom control technology

For more details on RADA outlook please visit

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