Rada Puts Patient Safety First at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Birmingham Children's Hospital is a leading UK specialist paediatric centre, offering expert care to 90,000 children from across the country every year. Providing quality treatment and care to patients on this scale required the highest standards of infection control.

Hospital water systems can become a source of pathogens and bacteria and a probable source of nosocomial infections. The financial and resource demands this can place on a health service already under considerable pressure are significant.

In England alone healthcare-associated infections are estimated to cost the NHS £1 billion a year - with infected patients costing three times more to treat than uninfected patients. Yet, it is the more pressing human cost and the emotional strain on those infected and their families that are incalculable.

The estates team has a long standing relationship with Rada, having worked together for over fifteen years. The recent installation of Rada's Sense Washbasin and the Rada Thermotap widely across the hospital has cemented this relationship.

The Rada Sense Washbasin Kit T3 is a concealed digital mixing valve for washbasins, offering non-touch flow and temperature control and comes with a wall mounted spout. The Rada Thermotap is a basin mounted thermostatic mixing tap that has a single sequential lever control from cold through to a pre-settable maximum temperature.