Rada Autotherm-3 BSM

Rada Autotherm-3 BSM
PRODUCT CODE: 1.1533.110
  • Healthcare
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Student Accommodation


  • Buildcert TMV3 Scheme Approved
  • The only bath shower mixer with the facility to deliver one maximum temperature for bathfill and another for showering
  • It will automatically reset a safe maximum showering temperature where the higher bathfill temperature had already been set
  • Supplied complete with temperature and flow cartridges, check valves and flexible tails
  • Connections: (Inlets to BSM body): 3/4" BSP male at 180mm centres. Hot left, cold right.
  • Inlets supplied with 0.5m long flexible hoses: 22mm compression fitting with isolating valves. (Shower Outlet): 1/2" BSP male


The only fully thermostatic bath and shower mixer approved to the toughest TMV3 healthcare standard.