Appointment of Rada distributor in the Sultanate of Oman

Rada’s Export Division is pleased to announce the appointment of W. J. Towell Building Division as sole distributor of all its commercial washroom products in the Sultanate of Oman. As sole distributor, W.J Towell will handle all sales and marketing activities including promotion, retail and project sales, and after-sales service in Oman, while Rada’s innovative product line will become a key driver for W.J.Towell’s Building Division. The collaboration is expected to make Rada the most accessible commercial washroom fixture solution for the Oman market.

W.J. Towell & Co.LLC was founded in 1866 and named after William Jack Towell from the UK and is one of the oldest family businesses in the Gulf region. Mohamed Fadhil, the great grandfather of the Sultan family, was working as a retail trader in Muscat. He became the CEO of W.J. Towell & Co.LLC and succeeded in expanding the company's business. Towell Group of Companies is today one of the largest companies in the Sultanate and comprises of seven clusters with members of the board from the fourth and the fifth generation of the Sultan family. The clusters are Enhance, Engineering, Construction, Property, Services and Trade, Consumer Product Division (CPD) and Automotive.

The Building Material Division caters for the requirements of the construction industry with product ranges from sanitary fittings, bathroom and kitchen accessories, architectural hardware, tiles, paints, firefighting equipment, electrical wiring devices, LV switchgear, GI products, cables and other related products for the industry. Building material division has been proactively promoting sanitary ware in Oman Market.