Each and every sector has certain requirements that need to be met. Helping to find solutions that address specific issues has always been Rada's strength. That's why our products have been widely specified across sectors as diverse as healthcare, education, multi-residential, sports and leisure, industry and commerce - not just in the UK, but worldwide.

Sports/leisureSports and leisure facilities have come under increasing pressure on a number of fronts as they seek to reconcile the need to provide customers with first class washing and showering facilities with the need to reduce water consumption and shrink energy bills.

The Challenges

In a bid to counter the high and consistent user demand typical of leisure facilities more and more attention is now being placed on products that consume less water. BREEAM, for instance, specifies that shower fixtures with a nine litre/minute flow rate or lower should be specified. However, given that commercial shower valves have to put up with some of the heaviest use of any washroom fixture - an estimated 17 hours per day is not unusual for a busy centre - they also have to be resilient. They also have to look good as consumers are conscious of aesthetics and expect contemporary designs. Juggling the diverse needs of performance, design and sustainability can be a hard act to pull off.

The solutions

Rada is able to offer a complete range of products for the differing requirements of this industry sector; from the latest in luxury digital showering technology to robust and durable timed flow controls, individual shower controls and showers that meet the needs of less able users as detailed in Document M Diagram 23 of the Building regulations.

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